We believe that agriculture is a business, and should be treated as such. Our vision is to professionalize the farming business to give farmers the best opportunities for growth and development, including training, market access, and financial services.

AMEA is market driven. We focus on what buyers and other value-chain actors need to effectively collaborate with farmer organisations, and work with these organisations to deliver professional results.

The market ecosystem for agribusiness includes all actors involved in food production & distribution, from  smallholder farmers and cooperatives to banks and financial institutions, from trainers and capacity builders to aid and development organisations.

We bring all members of this ecosystem together in an alliance that works together, through mutual understanding and shared learning to improve market systems on global scale.

Opportunity to develop the common AMEA Framework, including Global Guidelines for professional farmer organizations.


Access to approved tools and curricula readily available for your program.


Opportunities for learning, knowledge sharing and networking with like-minded organizations.


Access to qualified trainers and coaches.

Access to local networks, a space to generate learnings and discuss key challenges.

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Do you believe in farming as a business?


Do you want to create partnerships with like-minded companies and intermediaries?

Do you aim to efficiently use resources to develop professional farmer organizations?

Do you want to improve the livelihood of farmers?

Do you need stable and sustainable supply chains?

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