A Glimmer of Hope joins AMEA

AMEA continues to grow as we welcome our new member organization – A Glimmer of Hope.


A Glimmer of Hope was founded by Donna and Philip Berber in 2000 with the mission to improve lives in rural Ethiopia. Through its integrated projects focusing on women and girls, Glimmer aims to build a foundation of resilience and foster thriving village economies. They focus on four key areas that hold up a community and build resilience – water, education, health care and microfinance.

“Our Glimmer team is excited to grow from AMEA’s valuable resources and learn from the rich experiences of its members. As we strengthen our livelihoods programs, we look forward to exchanging knowledge and improving our practices with the mission of eliminating poverty for families in rural Ethiopia.

- Alicyn Yarbrough – Chief Development Officer

In 2017, Glimmer expanded its support for rural farmers through agriculture programs like business training, irrigation and micro loans. We are very much looking forward to joining forces on this front, share experiences and best practices and use our collaborative power to build resilience and improve livelihoods in Ethiopia.