About AMEA

AMEA is a light, agile network which relies on strong member commitment. The core of AMEA’s work is conducted through Global Working Groups and Local Networks, which collaborate on joint initiatives. 

AMEA has four Global Working Groups:

  • Global Guidelines: focused on increasing the visibility of the Global Guidelines for professional farmer organizations and encourage its uptake on a global and local level. 

  • Toolbox: focused on increasing the uptake of the AMEA tools; and evaluated effectiveness of the use of the tools to generate feedback loops and continuous improvement. Also includes the development of a trainer and coach database who deliver AMEA approved assessments and trainings.

  • Achieving Bankability: focused on understanding how to address farmer organization capacities which will lead them to become “bankable”. 

  • AgTech: focused on developing a “consumer guide” of Ag-tech tools with the greatest potential to accelerate farmer professionalism, increase incomes and promote sustainable production. 

AMEA currently has five Local Networks where the AMEA Framework is promoted and tested. 

AMEA members are committed to accelerating the development of professional farmer organizations, increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of their interventions, creating an enabling environment and generating best practices. We invite anyone with aligned objectives to be part of our network and create lasting change in the agribusiness sector. 

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Our Mission

To use our collective and transformative power for scaling up the development of professional farmer organizations to access market opportunities and improve livelihoods.

Our Vision

A vibrant market system where farmer organizations are professional partners in supply chains.