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Africa Turnaround joins AMEA

We are happy to announce that Africa Turnaround is joining AMEA!


Africa Turnaround Limited (ATL) is a 10 year old Kenyan based consultancy firm that works with entrepreneurs, including smallholder farmers and farmer organizations, to grow their businesses into large trans-generational enterprises, through rewarding market solutions. The market solutions are delivered through market linkages and supported by financial linkages, training and business mentoring. Africa Turnaround believes that the small business can change Africa. Africa Turnaround is very experienced in private sector development and has worked with many reputable organizations in Kenya and the East-Africa region.


Africa Turnaround’s commitment to market-based solutions for reliable and inclusive value chains reflects the AMEA values and contributes to the common goals of more professional agribusinesses. We together have an important alignment when it comes to capacity building - Africa Turnaround’s training efforts in Kenya on entrepreneurship, business leadership and financial education will be complemented with the Alliance’s efforts to align and improve the capacity development activities in the field of agriculture.

“70% of Africans make a living through agriculture and by 2030, it will be a $1 trillion business annually. That being the case, we can’t fulfill our vision of leading Africa in transforming small businesses for wealth creation, without transforming the smallholder farming business! We are looking forward to collectively driving the agenda for professionalizing agribusiness forward in a newly enriched Alliance!”  


- Peter Nduati, CEO, Africa Turnaround Limited

We are excited to welcome Africa Turnaround in the Alliance and looking forward to a successful collaboration!