Agricultural Technology (Ag-Tech) Working Group

The Ag-tech Working Group was created at the 2018 AMEA Global Convening in Delft, Netherlands with a goal to curate, disseminate, and promote disruptive and appropriate Ag-tech that increase farmer professionalism, incomes and promote sustainable production. Regular online meetings were held throughout 2019 to unpack and refine this goal. Subsequently, a set of criteria was created and endorsed by the AMEA members active within the Ag-tech WG.

The criteria were created to ensure that the Ag-tech promoted by AMEA provide local networks and AMEA members with:


Member organization endorsed technologies 


Technologies appropriate for use with smallholder farmers


Disruptive new technologies


2020 Priorities

Launch 1st edition of the AMEA Ag-tech Guide


Research and complete the 2nd edition of the Guide with new topic area to be published in 2021


Regularly engage with local networks to gather Ag-tech endorsements and more detailed case studies


Include Ag-tech companies, software developers and other service providers in Working Group meetings


Create new values for current and future AMEA members and accelerate their collective and individual efforts to bring systemic change to the agricultural sectors in AMEA local network countries


The AMEA Ag-Tech Guide for Advancing Professional Farmer Organizations


The second edition of the AMEA Ag-tech Guide was developed in 2021 as a result of Working Group meetings, research and collaboration. Launched during the IFC/World Bank 'Digital Disruption in Agriculture webinar series', the guide contains a set of Ag-tech profiles which deliver remote data collection, information and/or training for farmers and farmer organisations. 

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The first edition of the AMEA Ag-tech Guide was developed in 2019 as a result of Working Group meetings, research and collaboration. Launched during IFC's 'Digital Disruption in Agriculture Forum 2020', the guide contains a set of Ag-tech profiles which enhance supply chain management and information communication for extension. 

Ag-Tech Exchange

The Ag-Tech Working Group organizes regular webinars with leading Ag-Tech providers and other relevant stakeholders. These sessions are interactive, informative and open to all! 

Precision Development - June 2021

Precision Development provides customised and timely information to users via mobile devices. This includes phone-based agriculture extension and other digital development initiatives


TaroWorks - April 2021

TaroWorks' mobile CRM and field service app allows clients to collect information, analyze metrics, manage fieldwork and direct last mile business operations in real time. Offline data is also available.


Kucheza - March 2021

Kucheza improves the position of smallholder farmers in the value chain by creating an entrepreneurial mindset, increasing financial literacy, and improving collaboration among farmers through game-based learning.


hiveonline - December 2020

hiveonline uses blockchain technology to  help community savings groups (VSLAs) improve record-keeping, transparency and provide  them with a financial history that can shared with Microfinance institutions.

TruTrade Africa - October 2020

TruTrade is a social enterprise providing smallholder farmers with a reliable route to market and fair prices. Services include a mobile trading/payment platform, a network of sourcing agents and trade finance.

SCOPEinsight and partners piloted remote assessments in four countries in sub-Saharan Africa. This webinar with the IFC, Nuru International, and Shelter for Life explains how you can do remote assessments and what to look out for.

SCOPEinsight - October 2020


GeoPoll - October 2020

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GeoPoll is the leading provider of remote, mobile-based research in emerging markets, providing full-service solutions that answer vital questions throughout Africa, Asia, and Latin America.


Arifu - September 2020

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Arifu is a digital content and interactive learning platform which is personalised and free for its learners. Arifu's chatbot is omni-channel and allows both smart and feature phone users to learn via SMS, WhatsApp, and Facebook Messenger. 


AgriTask - July 2020

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Agritask is a holistic ag-operations platform, designed to enable fact-based decision making for agricultural businesses. Agritask analyzes the data, quantifies risks and produces alerts, recommendations and insights.

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Hatch CoLab - June 2020

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Hatch CoLab empowers entrepreneurs to build Impact Tech Ventures that solve key challenges and drive sustainable change. Pioneering a new approach to incubation and acceleration programs to build and scale impact tech ventures.


Access Agriculture - May 2020

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Access Agriculture is a non-profit organisation that showcases agricultural training videos in local languages. 

Access Agriculture promotes the transition towards agroecology and organic farming across the global South.


Ignitia - April 2020

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Ignitia is the first and most accurate tropical weather forecasting company. Their forecasting model predicts tropical weather patterns at hyperlocal range. 

The forecasts are delivered to West African farmers via SMS.

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BanQu - March 2020

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BanQu watches products and services move between suppliers, consumers and recyclers in real time. It provides records management and forecasting while connecting people, systems, data, knowledge and resources.

Ag-Tech Working Group is led by:
Casey Harrison, Nuru International