The enhanced version of the Agribusiness Leadership Program is available now!

It is a pleasure for AMEA to announce the release of the latest version of the Agribusiness Leadership Program (ALP), a 6-to-24-months training program with the objective to measurably improve the management skills and professionalism of farmer organizations.


The agriculture sector is facing many global challenges, such as food insecurity, unemployment, sustainability and global trade issues. We believe that the development of professional farmer organizations and equipping them with the right business skills can be a successful way of tackling some of these challenges. Experience shows that professional and well-managed farmer organizations have better access to finance and are able to attract more customers, which in the long run contributes to enhanced productivity, increased income and better livelihoods.


The ALP training curriculum is an essential part of the AMEA Standardized Approach that aims to scale up the development of farmer organizations and make them powerful actors of the agricultural supply chains. The training program has four main components: SCOPEinsight assessments, classroom trainings, coaching and reassessments. It is developed for farmer organizations of varying sizes and can be customized based on the needs of the farmer organizations, their members, and the type of crops they are working with. The enhanced version of the training program contains 17 modules, almost 600 PowerPoint slides and 30 handouts, including training exercises, instructor notes, coaching guides, a time planner and a course evaluation.

The Agribusiness Leadership Program was developed by the International Finance Corporation (IFC), one of the Founding Partners of AMEA, in response to the pressing need of farmer organizations to strengthen their business and management skills, which can enable them to become more productive and more professional.


All AMEA Partners and Members can benefit from ALP and gain unlimited access to the training materials free of charge.


For more information on ALP and how to become an AMEA Partner or Member, contact us!