AMEA peer approval of recognized quality capacity development methods for professional farmer organizations

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Hundreds of organizations are working globally towards more professional farmer organizations for the improvement of livelihoods and more resilient supply chains. Farmer organizations are subject to a variety of different approaches, but sometimes these approaches contradict each other and are therefore inefficient. There is a lot of potential for more alignment, which is very much needed. So why reinvent the wheel if several available wheels have already proven to be effective? The Agribusiness Market Ecosystem Alliance (AMEA) combines the knowledge of content experts of its partners organizations to power-up the game and  quality approve training curricula and assessment methods for a more efficient and effective capacity development of farmer organizations (FO’s).


AMEA includes ACDI/VOCA, Africa Turnaround, Argidius, ANDE, CNFA, Fairtrade Africa, Heifer, ICCO, ICRA, IDHIFC, NCBA CLUSA, Nuru International, Rainforest Alliance/UTZ, Rikolto, SCOPEinsight, Small Foundation, and TechnoServe. Experts of these partners organizations collaborate in AMEA Working Groups and they have now reviewed and approved three assessment tools and three curricula.


All of the reviewed tools and curricula have been used in practice with numerous farmer organizations in many different countries across different crops and have evidence of being successful and impactful. The tools and materials were evaluated against criteria identified by the content experts of AMEA Partners. The criteria determine alignment with the draft global definition for professional farmer organizations and with the AMEA Framework. The content of the materials was peer-reviewed in detail by other AMEA Partners who are experts in the field. The approved assessment tools and training curricula are available for AMEA Partners under different licensing options.

AMEA approved assessment tools


M4 by ACDI/VOCA is designed to assess farmer organizations’ performance and identify improvements along Membership, Marketing, Money and Management. It has been used in projects that involved several 100,000s of farmers in 11 countries and with staple crops, horticulture and tree crops.

SCOPE Basic by SCOPEinsight, a globally applicable standardized tool used for less organized FO’s to give detailed insights into their needs and opportunities, has reached 2.2 million farmers in 29 countries, encompassing 23 sectors.

SCOPE Pro, globally applicable standardized tool for more mature FO’s, by SCOPEinsight has affected 3.8 million farmers in 25 countries, encompassing 20 sectors.

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AMEA approved curricula


Sell More For More by ACDI/VOCA develops the capacity of farmer cooperatives and aggregators to be able to sell more product for more income. It has been used in projects that involved 2000 farmer organizations in 9 countries, working with staple crops and tree crops.

Agribusiness Leadership Program by IFC, which is aligned with the SCOPE tools, equips farmer organizations with the leadership and management skills needed to thrive in modern agricultural supply chains. It has reached over 150,000 farmers in 4 countries, working with different 9 crops.

Coaching curriculum by ICRA that aims at improving the functioning of value chains through on-the-job capacity building of local coaches has affected 250,000 farmers in 9 countries, encompassing 28 commodities.

The high numbers of farmer organizations and individual farmers involved as well as the variety of countries and crops addressed point to a great impact AMEA Partners already achieved and will continue to achieve.

Ensuring the quality of tools and curricula


The rigorous peer reviewal process of the materials using the same criteria for all tools and curricula guarantees the quality of tools and curricula as well as the quality of capacity building activities and ensures that there are common goals and coordinated ways of working with farmer organizations.


The approved tools and curricula will again be reviewed in one year for continued connection to the global definition, effectiveness and efficiency.


The AMEA approval and shared use of assessment tools and training curricula as part of the AMEA quality Framework will bring alignment closer to the sector, creating efficiency, building up common knowledge and benefiting the farmers and their organizations.