AMEA welcomes Kilimo Trust

The AMEA network continues to grow with our latest member, Kilimo Trust. Kilimo Trust (KT) is an East Africa-based not for profit organization and a go-to partner for market-led agricultural value chain development. KT is an implementing partner for EAC governments, the private sector, regional and international development partners. Established in 2005 to contribute to broad-based wealth creation through agriculture and agribusiness development, KT is headquartered in the Republic of Uganda, with registered affiliated subsidiaries in Tanzania, Rwanda and Kenya. The vision is to see “sustained and equitable wealth creation, food and nutrition security for smallholder farmers and other VC actors”. The mission is to make agri-business a transformative tool for wealth creation, food and nutrition security for smallholder farmers and other VC actors. KT's core business is to structure national and regional trade in agricultural products.

“Partnerships at all levels are critical for professionalization of farmer institutions and general development of agricultural value chains. We are therefore excited to join AMEA as a local partner to strengthen their interventions and our network."

- Patrick Muganga, Senior Program Officer

Over the past 14 years, KT has built competences and experience in: managing grants (having managed over USD 13 million, disbursed through 50 projects on behalf of Gatsby Charitable Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation between 2005 - 2010); agricultural projects implementation and management (implemented over 15 agricultural projects from 2011); private sector led inclusive business models; small holder farmers engagement; and policy advocacy. As a specialized business development service provider to different Value Chain actors, KT undertakes capacity building in the following areas; i) detailed value chains and market assessments, (ii) professionalization and profitable running of farmer institutions, (iii) market linkages, (iv) ) Good Agricultural Practices (including climate smart agriculture), (v) post-harvest handling and quality management systems; (vi) financial access and other productive assets, (vii) entrepreneurial and business coaching/mentoring for SMEs, and (viii) gender and youth mainstreaming.

For more information on Kilimo Trust, see their website or follow Kilimo Trust on LinkedIn

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