Church of Sweden joins AMEA!

The Alliance is growing! We are delighted to welcome Church of Sweden as the newest addition to the Agribusiness Market Ecosystem Alliance (AMEA).

The Church of Sweden is an Evangelical Lutheran church with a long history in supporting churches, faith based and secular local civil society organizations around the world. Collaboration and cooperation is a fundamental aspect of the Church of Sweden’s work, who aim to bring about peace, justice and sustainable development around the globe. Among other objectives, the Church of Sweden supports humanitarian aid and long term rural development programmes providing people with opportunities to improve their lives and livelihoods in a sustainable way.

Professional farmer organizations with the right skill sets have a great potential to achieve better livelihoods as they have the ability to improve the lives of their farmers as well as their communities. This is where our objectives intersect and where Church of Sweden can join forces with the other AMEA partner organizations, and learn from each other to be able to fulfil our mandates.

"The Church of Sweden are excited to join the AMEA Alliance in working towards professionalizing farmer organisations and to strengthen the quality and results for sustainable livelihoods. We believe that by enabling our local partner’s access to the AMEA platform and global network of qualified trainers and best practice we will help build resilient communities in our partner countries."

The AMEA Alliance is looking forward to collaborating with the Church of Sweden and work towards strengthening the opportunities and conditions for farmers to organise themselves, have their voices heard, improve their lives and have a fair share in economic development.