Measuring performance: AMEA common indicators

The AMEA Assessments and Training Working Group has developed a set of common indicators, aimed at measuring the effectiveness and efficiency of capacity development projects for farmer organizations. 

These indicators are collected at the organization level (usually at the project level), at the organization’s discretion. Common Indicator data comes can be collected from members' annual reporting, project M&E or other existing data collection systems. The indicators are designed for projects that want to show how the activity has resulted in professionalizing producer organizations. The Working Group supports organizations in identifying the indicators that are meaningful for farmer organization development. Members are welcome to access the extensive and high-quality information on the indicators that can be used in new project development.

The common indicators can be integrated into AMEA members’ project designs to promote data benchmarking and deeper learning within the network

AMEA common indicators

Assessment of FOs

Training of FOs

Coaching of FOs

1. Number of assessors trained

2. Number of assessments carried out

3. Number of trainings given

4. Number of FOs accompanied


Professionalism of FOs

Market Access

Financial access​

5. FO assessment score

6. Operating Profit Margin

7. Metric tons commercialized by FO

8. % of total production of FO members that is

    commercialized by the FO

9. Total value of new credit loans obtained

10. % of total credit needs met

11. Loan repayment ratio


12. Number of farmers reached via accompanied FO