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The Koppert Foundation joins AMEA

AMEA is pleased to introduce The Koppert Foundation as the newest member of the Alliance.

The Koppert Foundation contributes to the well-being and life quality of farming communities by offering solutions and educational opportunities that influence social, economic, environmental and health aspects of life. The foundation looks for sustainable solutions for horticulture and agriculture challenges and improves the availability of food and nutrition for those who need it most.

“We are excited to participate in this active network of like-minded people and organisations"

- Ed Moerman – Executive Manager

AMEA and The Koppert Foundation are aligned in their belief that farming is more profitable with the right skills. The Koppert Foundation provides knowledge of sustainable agriculture and contributes towards education and training programs for farmers who have limited access to skills and knowledge of profitable farming practices. The foundation also aims to stimulate the exchange of knowledge around professional farming and innovation in agricultural systems. Through AMEA, The Koppert Foundation is able to connect with like-minded organizations to improve farming practices and share knowledge and learnings.


AMEA is looking forward to collaborating with The Koppert Foundation and working towards more professional and profitable farming communities around the world!