East Africa Network Facilitator

The Agribusiness Market Ecosystem Alliance (AMEA) is a multi-stakeholder network with the objective of promoting professional farmer organizations in emerging markets. AMEA provides peer learning and collaboration opportunities bringing its members together in various formats to share implementation lessons and best practices in building professionalism amongst smallholder farmers. These opportunities are currently provided through four global workgroups, four local networks and various online and in-person event.



Local Networks are led by an AMEA member (“the Local Network Lead”) and the responsibilities of AMEA and the Local Network Lead are set out in a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU).  The East Africa Network Facilitator is responsible for delivering AMEA’s responsibilities to support the growth and development of Local Networks in East Africa.  Currently there are Local Networks in Uganda, Kenya and Ethiopia.  AMEA expects to expand to at least 1 new country in East Africa by December 2021.



The East Africa Network Facilitator will be located in one of the local network countries or one of the countries targeted for a new network to be established: Uganda, Ethiopia or Kenya.  As this is a Regional position the Network Facilitator should expect to travel up to 50% of the time.



The East Africa Network Facilitator will report directly to the AMEA Network Director.  There will also be matrix reporting to Local Network Leads as this position is accountable to the Local Networks.



The salary band for this position is as follows:


Reference         Role

11-GEN               Authoritative Specialist


AMEA is an organization that rewards excellent performance.  There will be an annual review process and high performers can expect to move quickly through the salary band.




1. Support the Local Network Leads to develop vibrant networks that deliver value to members

  • Support the Local Network Leads to design and organise high quality experience sharing and network meetings every two months.

  • Prepare for and represent AMEA during visits with Government officials.

  • Develop relations with relevant Government officials and institutions

  • Develop materials to promote the AMEA Local Network.

  • Develop and implement a resource generating model for the Local Networks.

  • Support the Local Network to develop and implement annual work plans

  • Support the Local Network to submit and obtain approval for work plans and budgets

  • Support the Local Network to implement activities

  • Support network participants to deeply connect their work with the AMEA network

  • Facilitate the development of relationships and partnerships between network members.  The partnership opportunities do not have to be aligned with AMEA’s objectives

2. Support AMEA Global Working Groups to engage with and support Local Networks

  • Support an effective information flow between Local Networks and Working Groups

  • Participate in Global Working Group calls with Local Network Leads

  • Work with Local Network Leads to develop proposals to the Local Networks that contribute to Global Working Group activities

  • Take the lead on the Access to Finance in each Local Network, with the aim of enabling Local Network members to collaborate with Access to Finance initiatives in their country

  • Take the lead to develop case studies that demonstrate the effectiveness of the AMEA Framework and provide learning opportunities for members and stakeholders.

  • Work with relevant Local Network members to design and implement a Trainer/Coach (BDS) Hub approach that can enable the quality of services to improve

  • Promote and support the use of Slack to enable Local Network to engage with Working Groups, as well as to engage with other Local Networks.

  • Participate in and support the Core Team to be an effective strategic decision making body

  • ​Participate in annual international AMEA convenings


3. Identify new members/opportunities

  • Develop partnerships with other platforms/networks such as access to finance and value chain platforms/networks

  • Identify opportunities for the AMEA Framework to be used by potential partners/members such as upcoming capacity building programs

  • Support members to identify opportunities to partner with each other such as joint proposals

  • Identify and recruit new members

  • Assure the onboarding of these new members

  • Support the GCO to identify and start up at least 1 new network by December 2021

4. Provide inputs to enable AMEA to be accountable and an effective communicator

  • Lead the process of Local Network reporting to AMEA GCO.  This includes all requirements under AMEA member reporting and IFAD project reporting

  • Support AMEA GCO to prepare materials for key meetings

  • Contribute to the writing of reports and proposals


  • Local Network Health as measured by surveys and membership retention/growth

  • Increasing collaborations between Local Network Members

  • Increased use of AMEA products (IWA29, Toolkit, BDS Hubs)

  • High quality reporting

  • Feedback from peers in Local Networks, Working Groups and GCO

  • Excellent facilitation and presentation skills

  • Proven experience with developing and establishing networks and networking

  • Strong interpersonal abilities, willingness to cross boundaries and work with diverse people

  • At least 10 years working on inclusive agribusiness in developing countries where capacity building of farmer organizations is a key element of the work

  • Attention to detail, organized, great time management

  • Dynamic problem solving skills

  • Comfortable with technology

  • Ability to travel frequently

  • Fluency in English (East African local languages are a plus)


  • Deep passion for the mission

  • Personal humility, servant leader, network entrepreneur

  • Knows how to ask for and receive help

  • Proactive, self-starter, loves to take initiative with an urgency to get the job done

  • Understands the big picture and larger context of the work, systems thinker

  • Ability to see all sides of an issue

  • Patient, stays cool under pressure

  • Great sense of humour, ability to see the positive


  • MSc in economics, agriculture economics, agribusiness, rural development, sustainable management of natural resources or related fields is desired, however all backgrounds (e.g. BSc. and relevant additional experience) will be considered.

Applications including a motivation letter and CV in English should be submitted to info@ameaglobal.org before 22 March, 2020 mentioning "East Africa Network Facilitator" in the subject title. Any requests for further information can also be sent to info@ameaglobal.org.