New training curriculum approved by the Alliance

The Enhancing Development through Cooperatives (EDC; training approach – the Cooperative Leadership Event – has been approved by content experts of AMEA partner organizations and is now one of the AMEA-approved curricula that meets the AMEA quality criteria and is aligned with the AMEA Framework and the global definition for professional farmer organizations.


Photo credit: EDC

The Enhancing Development through Cooperatives (EDC; is a training, consulting and assessment curriculum developed by the Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA). After a rigorous peer-review process, the training component of EDC has been recognized by the Alliance as a high-quality capacity development method to advance farmer organizations (FOs).


The EDC curriculum strives to bring change in the governance of farmer organizations  and offers support to policymakers, donors and service providers in promoting and facilitating the development of a new generation of agricultural cooperative enterprises in Africa.

It is characterized by improved:

  • business/member ratio (or revenues per member generated by an FO/coop through collective marketing/commercialization),

  • managerial capital (through the professionalization of FOs’/coops’ internal management),

  • patronage dividends (or members’ individual benefits, as opposed to investments in indivisible or common assets of an FO/coop),

  • supply-demand balance (through enforceable contracts with agro-food manufacturers-retailers and financial institutions),

  • specialization (market niche or competitive advantage, as opposed to diversification and dependency from subsidies). 

EDC’s Cooperative Leadership Events have already reached over 600 FOs/coops cutting across multiple value chains (grains, pulses, fruits and nuts, oil seed, dairy, horticulture, livestock, coffee, palm oil, roots and tubers, etc.).


The EDC training curriculum is currently applied together (or in combination) with the ALP curriculum in an IFC-led project in Senegal and in a CTA-led project in Cameroon and DRC.  


EDC also offers a vast network of Africa-based trainers, consultants and researchers, to respectively organize training events, provide consulting services and perform organizational diagnostics and assessments.

For more information about the EDC training curriculum, contact Filipe Di Matteo at