AMEA aims to transform the way in which farmers and their organisations are supported. In most countries this system does not exist. Instead hundreds of projects deliver services in a fragmented, expensive and unsustainable way. The AMEA network works toward a system that accelerates farmer organisation professionalisation and incentivises service quality improvement. This system is what we call the AMEA Framework. Our Working Groups target specific areas of the AMEA Framework. The Working Groups agendas and activities are led by AMEA members, with support from the AMEA Global Coordination Office. 



Global Guidelines Working Group


Focused on increasing the visibility of the IWA 29: 'Professional Farmer Organization - Guidelines' and encouraging its  development, dissemination and uptake on a global and local level. 


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Toolbox Working Group

Works to increase the uptake of the AMEA tools and evaluates the effectiveness of the tools to generate feedback loops and continuous improvement. Also includes the development of a trainer and coach database who can deliver AMEA approved assessments and trainings in compliance with the IWA 29.



Ag-Tech Working Group

Curates, disseminates and promotes disruptive and appropriate Ag-tech that increase farmer professionalism, incomes and promote sustainable production.



Access to Finance Working Group

Focused on understanding how to address farmer organizations' capacities which will lead them to become “bankable”.