The next AMEA Global Convening will take place on 3 - 4 December 2019, in Washington D.C. at the Washington Court Hotel.

The AMEA network gathers twice a year for the ‘AMEA Global Convening’. These convenings build a strong and active network, enhance collaboration and explore opportunities for systems change and sustainable impact for professional farmer organisations.

News from our latest convening


In May 2019, over 50 individuals from AMEA member organisations and selected external stakeholders, came together in Nairobi to create a collaborate system that accelerates the professionalisation of farmer organisations. Participants reviewed the progress of the AMEA network and co-created future activities.


This week included a ‘Local Networks Day’ and the ‘AMEA Global Convening’. On the Local Networks day, facilitators from the AMEA Local Networks in Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda outlined the evolution of the AMEA network at a local level. While the structure and pace of each Local Network differs, all create a space for AMEA member organisations to meet, collaborate and learn within a country context. Following the convening, the Local Networks will work towards developing concrete, country-specific strategies as well as testing the IWA29 Global Guidelines for Professional Farmer Organisations and AMEA-reviewed assessment tools and training materials.


During the AMEA Global Convening, the AMEA Working Groups provided overviews of their achievements over the past six months and discussed key issues and opportunities for enhanced collaboration. The current AMEA Working Groups are:


  1. Global Guidelines (IWA29)

  2. Toolbox (assessment tools and training materials)

  3. Trainers and Coaches (for farmer organisations)

  4. Ag-tech (innovative technologies for advancing professional farmer organisations)

  5. Achieving Bankability (for farmer organisations)

  6. Local Networks


Going forward, the Working Groups will work more closely with the AMEA Local Networks in Cote d’Ivoire, Ethiopia, Kenya and Uganda to ensure systematic impact.


Beyond the Local Networks and Working Groups, the convening also included sessions on cross-cutting issues in the network. Participants discussed relevant issues which impact the AMEA network including: deepening member engagement and commitment to collaboration, engaging new stakeholders (such as private sector and financial institutions) in the AMEA network, collaborating with other like-minded networks and measuring the impact of the AMEA network’s activities. 


AMEA Global Convenings to date

December 2019       Washington D.C, USA

May 2019                  Nairobi, Kenya

November 2018      Delft, The Netherlands

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