AMEA launches in Latin America

We are happy to announce that AMEA members in Honduras have established a Local Network! This is the first AMEA Local Network in Latin America.

Honduras was chosen out of a shortlist of countries, based on the high potential for collaboration between AMEA members. Members have common interests in Honduras and there is enthusiasm for creating an aligned agenda for systematic change in farmer organizations’ capacity development. Regarding AMEA, it was observed that:

  • Our members are working in similar value chains

  • There is clear interest for AMEA’s activities in Honduras, including testing and validating the IWA 29, requesting the national adoption of the IWA 29 by OHN (Honduran Standardization Bureau), and exploring the use of AMEA resources, such as the Toolbox, in the country.

  • AMEA members are developing joint proposals for future projects


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Exploratory meeting to establish a Local Network in Honduras, February 2020


To date, AMEA members in Honduras have met three times in 2020. With the official launch of the Local Network, members will meet on a regular basis. In its first year, the Local Network will be led by Napoleón Molina (Rikolto). Current Local Network members include ACDI/VOCA, Heifer International, ICCO Cooperation, IFC, Rainforest Alliance, Rikolto and Technoserve.



Join the Local Network in Honduras

Local representatives of AMEA member organizations are encouraged to join any relevant Local Networks. Local Networks meet on a regular basis in-person and connect with the global network online. 


If your organization has representatives in Honduras, who are not yet part of the Local Network, or if your organization has partners in the country, who you believe should be participate in the Local Network discussions, please contact Napoleón Molina and Filipe Di Matteo.

"We are convinced that AMEA Local Network will play a significant role in knowledge generation and sharing, programme support and policy advice towards profesionalization of farmers organizations in Honduras"

Napoleón Molina, Project Coordinator, Rikolto

AMEA Local Networks

Since 2018, AMEA local networks have supported the development of an enabling local environments for professional farmer organizations and the creation of a space to generate learnings and address key challenges with other agribusiness stakeholders.

Currently, AMEA had five active Local Networks. We aim to expand to seven local networks (including Asia and other Latin American countries) by the end of 2020. If you have any inquiries about AMEA Local Networks, contact Mark Blackett.

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