IFAD partners with AMEA to transform systems for farmer organizations

The International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) will partner with the Agribusiness Market Ecosystems Alliance (AMEA) in a three year program: 'Transforming Systems for Professionalising Farmers and Farmer Organizations in Developing Countries'.  This program will invest US$2.935 million over the 3 years with IFAD providing US$ 2 million to fund the plan. 


AMEA and IFAD will support the improvement of approaches to professionalise farmers and their organisations in at least seven countries in Africa and one other Continent.  This includes the adoption and use of the ISO approved Global Guidelines (IWA29); the use and improvement of the AMEA Toolkit; the development of an accessible, accredited pool of assessors, trainers and coaches; and the brokering of deals to enable Farmer Organisations to access the finance they need for development.  AMEA will be working with agribusinesses, financial institutions, governments and apex bodies for farmer organisation development.


Mark Blackett, Network Director for AMEA, said: “In most low income countries systems for professionalising farmer organisations do not exist.  This means that many inclusive agribusiness and finance initiatives struggle with the lack of farmer organisations that can be business partners.   As a result they all end up chasing the few high potential ones, often with detrimental effects.  This situation can only be changed if we contribute to building a system that is effective, efficient, transparent and conscious about learning and improvement.  The partnership between IFAD and AMEA is a significant opportunity for both organisations to bring together our respective projects and networks to build that system.  This is not the easy path, but it is a necessary one and as the proverb says, "if you want to go far, then go together".

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