About AMEA

The Agribusiness Market Ecosystem Alliance (AMEA) is a global alliance of firms standardizing the development of professional farmer organizations. AMEA believes that transforming farmer organizations into professional businesses is the key to alleviate poverty and food security.

AMEA provides cost-effective and integrated system of standards, best-in-class assessments, training materials and certifies the trainers and coaches. This gives buyers, banks and input supplier greater confidence to engage with farmer organizations in stronger, more resilient supply chains. Together with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), AMEA is currently initiating a process to define global standards for professional farmer organizations, to support farmer organizations lift their professional capacity. This is primarily intended for farmer organizations in emerging markets and developing economies.

The development of a global standard definition will improve capacity building efforts and will address the fragmented and duplicated attempts to build farmer organization capacity. One global credible definition will create a common understanding of the core professional capacities needed for farmer organizations to meet contract requirements, create reliable supply chains, and serve members – by which farmers can increase their income and improve their livelihoods and food security in a sustainable manner.

This process will be done through an ISO International Workshop Agreement (IWA) and is not meant for certification purposes. For more information about the ISO/IWA global standard definition, you can check the Frequently Asked Questions.


About IWA

The International Workshop Agreement (IWA) is a year-long process led by ISO. An IWA is an ISO document produced through a workshop meeting where market players and other stakeholders directly participate in developing the agreement. During the process, over 160 ISO-member countries will be invited to comment on and inform the proposed standards.

For more information about IWA, please click here.

About You

AMEA is looking for a senior professional to facilitate the development of a global standard definition for professional farmer organizations. If you:

  • Are a well-connected and a highly recognized senior practitioner aiming to transform smallholder agriculture and improve the livelihoods of farmers in emerging markets and developing economies.

  • Have the desire to contribute your time to bring together key stakeholders around a common language to support farmers and their organizations in becoming professional and sustainable businesses.

Then this is the opportunity you are looking for. The position as the independent chair is a highly visible international role, leading the decision-making process on the core capacities to define a professional farmer organization.

About the position

The development of an IWA for professional farmer organizations takes one year. The Dutch Standardization Agency, NEN, acts as the secretariat and will guide the stakeholder engagement process through online systems and in-person meetings. AMEA initiates the development of the IWA and will support the chair to execute the role by providing meeting coordination and funds for travel.

The time involvement for the chair is estimated between 7 and 10 days in one year. This includes online meetings, documents review and chairing at least one in-person meeting of two days involving 50 to 100 international participants in The Netherlands in June 2018.

We are inviting applications to find the best candidate for this role.

Selection criteria include:

  • Level of experience in contributing to sustainable global agricultural development

  • Recognition in the sector

  • Ability to build bridges between stakeholders (including farmer representatives, buyers, government representatives and capacity builders)

  • Availability and commitment to fulfil this role

A selection committee from the AMEA Working Group on Global Standards will review the applications from short-listed candidates.

The position of IWA chair is a non-paid position. However, travel and accommodation will be covered by AMEA.

Starting date is as soon as possible in January 2018.


Interested? Send us your 2-page resume along with 3-4 sentences explaining your motivation to info@ameaglobal.org. Please, do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information. We encourage applicants to respond as soon as possible, and by 20th December 2017 latest. We look forward to reading your application!


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 Join us now in standardizing the development of professional farmer organizations!

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