By joining AMEA, you are part of a collective effort to improve farmer organizations’ access to markets and finance. Through our network, you can collaborate with experienced organizations for efficient and effective interventions in emerging markets. Together, we advance professional farmer organizations. 



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Accelerate the development of the farmer organizations you work with

Many agribusiness initiatives fail to deliver as planned. A key constraint is the lack of progress is in developing farmer organisations that can deliver for markets that demand consistent quantity and quality. The AMEA Framework does not guarantee success but it does provide you with the best available resources. As an AMEA member, or a partner with an AMEA member, you will have access to: 

  • Accredited assessment tools which enable you to benchmark the Farmer Organisations you work with against other projects, sectors and countries. 

  • Accredited curricula, which enable Farmer Organisations to meet IWA 29: Professional Farmer Organizations – Guidelines. 

  • Recommended trainers and coaches. 

Increase your competitive edge

AMEA provides a pre-competitive space for organisations to collaborate. This means AMEA uses approaches to foster co-operation within a highly competitive environment. It is this co-operation which also gives members (and partners of AMEA members) a competitive edge through the following: 

  • The ability to differentiate your organization from non-AMEA members through the use of accredited, proven tools within new project designs. 

  • The ability to focus your resources on delivering the assessment, training and coaching rather than developing the tools and curricula. 

  • The innovation and partnerships which are a product from the networking and learning opportunities provided through Online Dialogues, Global Working Groups and Local Networks. 

  • The ability to draw on a network of hundreds of fellow professionals online but also in-person through our Global Convenings, Local Networks and other events. 

  • The positioning of your organisation as an innovative and collaborative partner; and the visibility which you obtain from being part of a rapidly growing network.

Strengthen your systems change strategies

Most organisations join AMEA as they want to see impact beyond a project level. Many people in these organisations are highly motivated by the potential for systems change. They know that projects are intensive and expensive, and that real success is in the scaling up of the work. This applies equally to NGO led projects as well as Private Sector inclusive business projects. AMEA provides a platform and a framework for members (and partners of AMEA) to contribute to Systems Change. AMEA is not the only platform that is necessary but it is an essential one in the absence of other mechanisms. 


1. AMEA tools are licensed for use by the tool owners to the AMEA member. The license agreement includes terms and conditions to ensure the tool is delivered in line with quality standards to protect the reputation of the tool. 

2. There will be regular dialogue between Local Networks and Global Working Groups to agree joint plans 

3. Currently we invite at least 2 representatives from each Local Network to the Global Convenings.