Agribusiness Market Ecosystem Alliance Global Standard Definition for Professional Farmer Organisations
Join us in creating a global standard definition for professional farmer organizations!

AMEA is reaching out to the wide agri-food network to take part in the development of a global standard definition for professional farmer organizations. The definition will identify a set of common core capacities on what it means to be a professional farmer organization participating in supply chains. One global credible definition will create a common understanding of the core professional capacities farmer organizations need to meet contract requirements, act as reliable business partners and  by which farmers can increase their income, improve their livelihoods and food security in a sustainable manner.


The global capacity building and support systems for those farmers who are not yet benefitting from market access, will find efficiency in one common language around their objectives. When this proves to reach the desired impacts in a few years, governments and international institutions may want to adjust the global policy agenda for cooperatives and small-holder farmers in developing regions.  


AMEA members collaborate in the Working Group on Global Standards and prepare the proposals for the standard definition. They are working closely with The Netherlands Standardization Institute (NEN), representing the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).  The one-year ISO defined process will lead to an International Workshop Agreement (IWA) identifying what it means to be a professional farmer organization. Please find here the detailed FAQ.


AMEA is looking for a high profile person to chair the ISO/IWA process independent from AMEA, to create the global standard definition for professional farmer organizations. If you know anyone suitable or if you are interested please click here to find the position description.


Next to the official ISO/IWA process, AMEA organizes events for stakeholders to learn about the global standard definition. The events clarify how to participate in the ISO/IWA process, and how to be part of a global movement towards the inclusion of smallholder farmers in the market economy. Please sign up here for a live online introduction on 23 January 2018. Workshops in several regions will be announced soon in the AMEA Newsletter.