Creating thriving local ecosystems for agribusiness stakeholders

AMEA local networks support the development of an enabling local environment for professional farmer organizations and create a space to generate learnings and address key challenges with other agribusiness stakeholders.


Each local network is led by an AMEA member organization. Local representatives of AMEA member organizations are encouraged to join any relevant Local Networks. Local Networks meet on a regular basis in-person and connect with the global network online. 

AMEA currently has five active local networks. We aim to expand to seven local networks (including Asia and South America) by the end of 2021.

local network September 2020.png

Support the use of the AMEA Framework at a local level. Local networks contribute to the AMEA pool of high-quality trainers and coaches, identify potential clients for capacity development services and facilitate new partnerships and provide feedback on using the AMEA Framework.

Bring local stakeholders together. Local networks connect local members, trainers and key stakeholders under a shared vision for professional farmer organizations.

Learn and share. Learning objectives and best practices are generated at a local level and shared with the global network to improve interventions for farmer organizations.

Interested in joining one of our local networks? Contact us!