Meet our newest member: Mercy Corps (DRC)

We are happy to introduce our latest member: Mercy Corps DRC. Mercy Corps began working in the Democratic Republic of Congo in 2007, addressing urgent food and water needs while making long-term investments in economic development and equitable access to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene services, in urban area.

To date, Mercy Corps has provided over 1.2 million people with safe drinking water and emergency supplies while addressing food security, diversified livelihoods, economic recovery and development and the root causes of conflict in the country. The Mercy Corps DRC team is also responding to the Ebola outbreak in key regions, working on infection prevention and disease control.

“We, at Mercy Corps DRC, are thrilled to join the network and strengthen our interventions in the DRC to the benefit of local cooperatives, with the AMEA toolkit and collaboration with other AMEA members”

- Eric Lakoussan, FARM Markets and Value Chains Manager

Mercy Corps’ work in the DRC also extends into the agricultural sector. As part of the FARM program, Mercy Corps is currently facilitating access to improved seeds, financial services and new technologies, for over 5000 farming families.

AMEA looks forward to learning from Mercy Corps as well, and facilitating new partnerships to take this important work further!

For more information on Mercy Corps (DRC), see their website or follow Mercy Corps on LinkedIn

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