AMEA is a fast growing network of public and private organizations that work in the agricultural sector.  We currently have 22 members and 9 strategic partners, all dedicated to accelerating the development of professional farmer organizations. Our global network meets both online and in-person on a regular basis and collaborates for systematic change in the agricultural sector.


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Small Foundation believes that the elimination of extreme poverty and chronic hunger can only be achieved through the development of the local business sector in sub-Saharan Africa, which includes smallholder farmers and farmer organisations.  Within the ecosystem, the delivery of training to farmer organisations has been fragmented and the quality of that training has been mixed.  We are pleased to support AMEA to address this challenge to strengthen the local business ecosystem, and see the potential for AMEA to be the platform to bring together best practices, share knowledge and improve the quality of local service providers. 

AMEA’s mission closely conforms with CNFA’s approach to improving the livelihood of farmers through partnerships, collaboration and knowledge sharing—and strongly supports our work in developing inclusive and competitive agricultural value chains. CNFA looks forward to sharing our expertise and resources in agribusiness development with other members of the AMEA alliance, and furthering our common goal of improving the ability of all market participants to prosper through greater productivity and market access.

Sylvain Roy, President and CEO, CNFA

Karina Wong, Senior Executive, Small Foundation

In a world where so many diverse and scattered programs and projects to help farmers exists, AMEA brings a much needed focus on farmer professionalism and offers an integral solution that consists of best-in-class assessments and training materials, and it certifies the service providers that deliver them. This integrated solution gives buyers, banks, and input suppliers greater confidence to engage farmer organizations in stronger and more resilient supply chains. This global platform is the first of its kind and unique in its data driven, result-oriented, scalable approach to turn farmer organizations into thriving businesses. SCOPEinsight is proud to have initiated AMEA. We believe that by working in partnerships and by aligning our joint approach we can truly change agriculture.

Lucas Simons, Founder / CEO SCOPEinsight, NewForesight Consultancy

ACDI/VOCA has a long and proud history of working with farmer organizations. In fact, we were originally founded more than 50 years ago by members of the U.S. cooperative community, based on their conviction that cooperation was key to their success and that this model could greatly improve the livelihoods of farmers the world over. Like our founders, ACDI/VOCA still believes we can achieve better results working together than alone. As a member of AMEA, ACDI/VOCA is able to collaborate with and learn from a community of like-minded organizations and individuals committed to unleashing economic opportunity and improving farmers’ lives.

Sabrina Amburgey, Vice President for Strategic Growth and Partnerships, ACDI/VOCA

The journey towards sustainable business practices is far greater than the actions or interests of any one company. Through the power of partnerships such as AMEA, we can accelerate and magnify our efforts and achieve a level of sectoral transformation that cannot be accomplished alone. Farmer organizations and cooperatives are the cornerstone of Cargill’s cocoa supply chain. Working with – and strengthening them - is key to ensuring a secure, sustainable supply of cocoa for generations to come.

Suzanne Uittenbogaard, Sustainable Value Chain Manager, Cargill Cocoa & Chocolate

70% of Africans make a living through agriculture and by 2030, it will be a $1 trillion business annually. That being the case, we can’t fulfil our vision of leading Africa in transforming small businesses for wealth creation, without transforming the smallholder farming business! We are looking forward to collectively driving the agenda for professionalizing agribusiness forward in a newly enriched Alliance!

Peter Nduati, CEO, Africa Turnaround Limited

Farmer organization members are their own agents of change, but they need the capacity to conduct business activities, build trust, sustain agency, and create access to socio-economic services, if they are to transform their rural communities. The AMEA Alliance will help to accelerate this work locally and provides a venue to learn, listen and share with a diverse set of agricultural and development stakeholders

Casey Harrison, Rural Livelihood Strategic Advisor, Nuru International