NetBizImpact joins AMEA

We are excited to announce our newest member: NetBizImpact. NetBizImpact is a financial advisory and business strategy consulting firm that specializes in linking innovative small and growing agribusinesses and farmer based organizations in East Africa to markets, technology and finance.

NetBizImpact focuses on agribusinesses in East Africa and investors looking to explore the East African marketplace.  Through NetBizImpact, East African agribusinesses with innovative and scalable business models can find growth capital and linkages to international market chains with investment-readiness support.  Investors are connected to East African investment opportunities through NetBizImpact’s services.

“We believe joining AMEA will take us a step closer to achieving our impact driven goals"

- Makeda Tsegaye – Founder and CEO

NetBizImpact will be joining AMEA as a local member in Kenya.  We are looking forward to strengthening our network with NetBizImpact’s knowledge and experience on helping local agribusinesses thrive in global markets.

For more information on NetBizImpact, see their website or follow NetBizImpact on LinkedIn

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