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Nuru International Joins AMEA

AMEA is thrilled to welcome Nuru International on board as its newest Development Partner.

Nuru International’s work in fragile rural areas to eradicate extreme poverty begins with the establishment and revitalization of professional farmer organizations,” explains Casey Harrison Nuru International Rural Livelihood Strategic Advisor. "Nuru International affiliate NGOs are hyper-local, established in remote, rural communities and staffed by members from those communities in Kenya, Ethiopia, and Nigeria. Investing in and developing self-sustaining farmer organizations in developing countries is necessary to achieving the SDGs.

Nuru International joins the AMEA Alliance to help standardize the development of professional farmer organizations and advance them to access market opportunities. Together, we offer best in class assessment tools training materials and a directory of certified service providers (assessors, trainers and coaches) that meet the global definition for professional farmer organizations and improve the business and management skills of farmer organizations in an effective, cost-efficient and scalable way.

Casey Harrison continues: “Farmer organization members are their own agents of change, but they need the capacity to conduct business activities, build trust, sustain agency, and create access to socio-economic services, if they are to transform their rural communities. The AMEA Alliance will help to accelerate this work locally and provides a venue to learn, listen and share with a diverse set of agricultural and development stakeholders. Standardizing the definition, development and capacity building of professional farmer organizations will allow all stakeholders, most importantly smallholder farmers, to speak the same language across countries, commodities and supply chains. The standardized approach to training and assessment allows the best performing professional farmer organizations to get the credit they deserve without stringent requirements. Most importantly, it has the potential to provide them with the opportunity to attain greater agency and compete in the agribusiness sector.“

AMEA looks forward to an effective partnership with Nuru International towards achieving a global definition for professional farmer organizations.

About Nuru International

Nuru International envisions a world in which all people live in an enabled environment with lasting, meaningful choices. Then they will be able to engage in healthy behaviors, feed and nourish their families, cope with natural disasters, overcome other challenges and be free to exercise their agency.


We believe that these conditions can best be created and delivered by local leaders who produce and manage programs locally and nationally, combining and leveraging their knowledge, innovation and experience with international and Western expertise, support and resources.

About AMEA

The Agribusiness Market Ecosystem Alliance (AMEA) is a global alliance of firms standardizing the development of professional farmer organizations (FOs). We believe that transforming farmer organizations into professional businesses is the key to alleviate poverty and food security. At AMEA, we define global standards for professional farmer organizations to lift their professional capacity. AMEA provides cost-effective and integrated system of standards, best-in-class assessments, training materials and certifies the trainers and coaches. This gives buyers, banks and input supplier greater confidence to engage with farmer organizations in stronger, more resilient supply chains. We offer a transformative solution for farmer and supply chain business development.