Agribusiness training of trainers
AMEA Trainers and Coaches

To complement the AMEA toolkit, AMEA has a database of qualified trainers and coaches, who can deliver high-quality training and coaching tailored to farmer organizations’ needs and in accordance to the core capacities of the IWA global guidelines. These trainers and coaches are experienced in using the AMEA-approved assessment tools and training programs and come recommended by other members. 


Trainers and coaches benefit by finding a higher number of assignments, by improving on the delivery of high-quality support to FOs and by being recognized for their expertise and performance.


Farmer organizations participating in trainings carried out by AMEA trainers and coaches have the guarantee that those trainers and coaches qualify to the AMEA approval criteria.

Why is a database of trainers and coaches important?


Many organizations experience challenges in finding adequate trainers for their projects or spend time and resources training them in specific curricula or assessment methods.


This shared database helps AMEA members avoid time-consuming and inefficient approaches to access trainers and coaches for their projects. Trainers and coaches come recommended by other AMEA members, so organisations are assured that these trainers and coaches can deliver on the AMEA toolkit assessments and trainings. 


How are trainers and coaches added to the database?

Trainers and coaches can be added to the trainer database in two different ways. Firstly, through AMEA member-led certification programs, such as "training of trainers". Alternatively, trainers and coaches can be referred by an AMEA member and invited to join the database of trainers and coaches. Trainers and coaches who are invited to the database have experience in delivering one or more of the AMEA toolkit materials.


Where can I find the AMEA trainers and coaches database?

AMEA members have access to recommended trainers and coaches through a private LinkedIn group. The Working Group for Trainers and Coaches also meets (online) on a regular basis to discuss issues around trainers and coaches.