Global definition for 


Why do we need it? In what ways will it benefit farmers and farmer organizations?

The deadline for registrations to participate in the creation of a global definition for professional farmer organizations is around the corner. With many representatives of different stakeholder already registered, we took the opportunity to talk to some of them about the reasons why they decided to join. 

All of them are experts in the field of agribusiness and work with farmer organizations in different capacities. Their answers provide an important insight into how a global definition will connect various stakeholders and act as a tool in advancing farmer organizations.

If you haven't registered yet, hurry up! Registration closes on July 6.

We believe the definition of professional farmer organizations will bring order and sanity to the agriculture sector. By having this definition, it will quantify and qualify who is supposed to be a  farmer organization - with such clarity we will be able to do things in a professional manner.

With this definition, trust will be built in farmer organizations and this will increase business for farmer organizations in terms of aggregation of inputs, produce and services, collective marketing and value addition - It’s going to harmonize and standardize our interventions as farmer organizations.

We shall have the right strategies and interventions in terms of supporting farmer organizations at different levels – national, regional, continental and  beyond.”

"We find it very important for us to be involved in this process of professionalizing agriculture, because we believe that professionalism is the key to a lasting solution, to better yields in the long run. That's why we are very interested in being involved, sharing information and seeing what more we can do to be more productive.

The world is becoming a global village. The information is moving so fast and sooner or later you realize that the world is at your fingertips. And in order for you to access market, to get to a market, you need to keep up with the trends. A global definition will help because it gives you an opportunity to expand."

"We found that with many of the producer organizations that we work with directly, their capacities around business planning, business management, financial planning, systems and processes, can be very weak.  

I think having a global definition will help in a number of ways."

Hannah Ward, Twin & Twin Trading

"We have started a fund where farmers are able to access loans and then when they use this loan, invest in their farms and pay a very low interest rate. This way, farms are able to grow. This is professionalism, bringing an integrated approach, whilst overcoming major barriers. When you are dealing with a professional institution, it means that even measuring results and impacts becomes very easy.

Barriers farmers face are global. When we look at where the world is going, we see there is going to be a great demand for food and issues around food security. To address this we need our farmers to be organized in terms of markets and supply chains, to ensure efficiency."

Boniface Lwanda Keya, Producers Direct​

"A higher level of professionalism, understanding what it looks like, would help farmer organizations and farmers to be recognized.


Once recognized, it then helps them to interact, transact and partner with other formal organizations whether that be wholesalers, exporters, or even retailers."

Tom Ellum, Storimarket

Find more information on the IWA process on defining professional farmer organizations and on how to participate here, contact us at if you have any further questions and follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn for future updates.